How It Works

FreelyWheely is a place where you can offer your unwanted belongings, for free, to someone who can make use of them.

This can be anything from a bag full of lever arch files to an old car - the only rules are that you can't offer animals or anything illegal - so no drugs, children or stolen goods please!

FreelyWheely is brought to you by Jon and Trish (together we are Monks Vaughan Ltd!) who are frantically beavering away behind the scenes to make this the best freecycling and free selling site in the world. This all began not so long ago with just our family and friends, and now there are thousands and thousands (and thousands) of you out there!

We are very proud to be affiliated with the ReUseIt Network, and in case of any doubt, we should also say that we're not connected in any way with The Freecycle Network.

What can I give away?

Basically anything.

If you are thinking about throwing something away and feeling slightly guilty because you know there is nothing really wrong with it, you just don't want it any more, or that in the right hands it could be fixed / cleaned / used then this is probably the place for you.

How does it work?

  • Join in and sign up
  • Take a picture of whatever you are looking to give away (you don't have to but it looks nice).
  • Create an entry describing your item with as much, or as little, detail as you like
  • Wait for some requests for your item. You can either wait until the end of the listing to give everyone a fair chance, or you can end your item earlier and take your pick from the requesters then.
  • Choose your 'winner' on whatever basis you like (ability to collect quickly, asked nicely, funny name, etc)
  • Arrange collection details and hand over the goods
  • Bask in the glow of a job well done: one less thing to landfill, one more happy person giving your unwanted stuff a lovely new home :)
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