Hasn't it been done before?

FreelyWheely.com is different from other freecycling sites because it is just a single site - no need to become a 'member' of any communities or anything like that - we just work on your location and people looking for things can choose how far from their house they are willing to look.

Why would I give stuff away for free?

Good point. If you are going to go to the trouble of taking a picture and listing something on FreelyWheely.com then why not stick it on Ebay instead and make some cash from it? Well, here are a few reasons.

Some things you just know are not worth the effort of selling on eBay. For the money you might raise it's just not worth the hassle of listing it, packing it, taking it to the post office, etc.

Some things are just not really worth anything - if you know what we mean? That load of coathangers/broken lawnmower/slightly saggy sofa you have probably wouldn't raise much if you tried to sell them, but it doesn't mean they're not worth something to someone.

You just don't want money for it - for whatever reason you are happy to give something away to a good home rather than selling it.

Then why wouldn't I take it to a charity shop?

Another good point. Charity shops are great and we wouldn't want to stop people donating their unwanted goods to them. However, sometimes there are things that are better disposed of elsewhere or - for you - it is easier to get someone to come and collect whatever it is you are giving away rather than having to take a trip yourself to donate it.

Wouldn't it be easier to just take it to the tip?

Some things have reached the end of their natural lives and should be disposed of. However, many, many things end up in landfill that have years of life left in them. The problem is that you don't want them anymore, don't want to sell them, can't find anyone that could make use of them, etc the only option you see is to take them and throw them in a skip.


FreelyWheely.com is here to help save those things from landfill and send them onto a new life somewhere else. One man's junk is another man's treasure and all that.

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