Wanted: Wanted All Old Hifi Equipment

Location: in Coles Meads GB

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Wanted All working non working Hifi Equipment Record players, Turntables, Cassette decks, Tape players, Reel to Reel, Radiograms, Betamax / VHS / CD / DVD players, Amplifiers, Tuners, Stereos Radios, Walkman's, Discmans, Boomboxes, Ghetto blasters, MP3 players, Separates systems, Equalizers, Records, Tapes, Speakers, remotes, cables...ETC Collection from 50 mile radius of J8 M25 Where possible I will: reuse / recycle / repair and re-sell all items to stop them going to landfill Please help me stop as much of this from going to landfill as possible. Thank you

Categorised as: Things Wanted