Wanted: Very urgently needed white goods and furniture

Location: in Iver GB

All the details

Hello to One and All, I trust that you're having a good day and are safe healthy and happy. Please bear with me as I would be extremely grateful if you read the info provided below. It explains a little about my circumstances and therefore desperate need. I was relocating as I am very sick and disabled. As a result, I had to put every single item I owned into storage. We then were hit by the pandemic caused by Coronavirus whilst I was staying with friends and looking for a property. During the Covid 19 outbreak I was classed as "Extremely Vulnerable" so couldn't check on units. During the 1st, "Lockdown" I needed my medical equipment and discovered that the storage units had been burgled, they took "absolutely everything" that I owned, all that was left was a few empty boxes and the filing cabinet that they broke into & left empty. They even took all of my medical equipment & supplies, eg, hospital-style electric fully adjustable (Tempur Bed & Airflow Mattress) & breathing equipment etc. As a result, I'm having to try and replace the contents of an entire home asap. From white goods, furniture & blinds to clothes shoes, cooing appliances, wood flooring etc. If you should know of anyone who works in any retailers that may be able to help with the above that would be great. Also, if you don't mind telling me, how far are you from SL0 0AJ. Thank you all, kind regards & I hope you're all having a good day. Ps, Due to illness I would need to organise the collection also

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