Wanted: Good dude in need***

Location: in Hernando

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Ccancer survivor in need of clothing and shoes,paralized from hemoragic stroke 3 years ago, left unable to work or provide for myselfunavoidably homeless for entire 34 months after being put out of nursing home in gainesville has slept on picnic table at hernando beach park in hernando for this time is now trying to rebuild his life weith zero items to start with also needsbasic hygiene items like razors shave cream etc... please help size 2x shirts 36waist size 91/2-10 shoe goals are to continue being a loving father growing as a better brother father friend and person in general' thanx in advance for instilling hope when pratically hopeless god bless can reach me at3523413320 or 3525663275 thanx my name is david

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manicpanic247 , 5 months, 2 weeks ago

i truly have only the best purely honest humble wholesome intentions in posting this request praying for the items i need thanx god bless