Wanted: Fridge freezer/chest or counter top freezer

Location: in Goldington GB

All the details

Hi im looking for anyone who is getting rid of or knows of anyone who is getting rid of a fridge freezer or a counter top freezer preferably in or around Bedford/Bedfordshire as I have been moved from refuge to hostel due to domestic abuse and now I have been moved into a new place with my mum and we have absolutely nothing at all furniture wise and belongings in my case as I had to leave everything I owned behind so I would really appreciate any help regarding information on one that's going up for grabs, thank you. I don't get a lot of time on the Internet so id anyone can help me please can you send me a message on my phone number - 07385654319. My email address is sarah8888willow@gmail.com or sazzledazzle8888@gmail.com in case no luck for what ever reason getting through via phone my email address is sarah8888willow@gmail.com or sazzledazzle8888@gmail.com. Thanks again and hope to hear from you soon x Sarah x

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