Wanted: Free sheet Metal, Wood & used wood paneling {like the 70's model DBL Wide Trailer I grew up in}

Location: in Port Hadlock

All the details

Free sheets of new/used metal roofing, FREE Sheets of old new/used 4'ft x 8'ft sheets of wood paneling (just like the 1970's Era DBL Wide Trailer that I grew up in had - on every wall).,..+ Any other items that I will need to build my 8'ft W by 12'ft L by 13'ft T. Tiny home ! I'm disabled and need to get this built as soon as I can..., that way as my joints and Spine cont. To degenerate, I will at least always have a home that I can take anywhere I go(as I am building it on a trailer), but that is going to be the next Hurdle for me to cross, because I currently don't have any way to tow my Tiny Home once it's finished! My mom's car doesn't even have the ability to have a towing attachment installed! I don't know how I will ever be able to get a vehicle that can tow a trailer! But I'm not quite there yet, I gotta get all the Free stuff I can to build this Tiny Home... I'm beginning by constructing an 8'ft W by 10'ft L metal shed build kit!

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