Wanted: Atmosfear board game

Location: in Grove GB

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I'm looking for the Atmosfear board game (board game that comes with a DVD you watch whilst playing). I played this when I was young and can't find it in shops anymore as it's not made... Anyone got an old one lying around in a cupboard they don't want? :) (Please check DVD works and game hasn't got missing pieces...) Thanks!

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heatherlilleyfq , 5 months, 3 weeks ago

are you still looking for this game? I think we may have a copy

ro_z_ismyname , 5 months, 2 weeks ago

Hello! Thanks for messaging! Well I actually ended up buying the follow-up game (not as good, Egyptian mummy themed one) so I'm not so desperate to get the original Atmosfear anymore... However if it is just cluttering up your cupboards and you wanted to get rid of it anyway I would kindly take it off your hands :)