Request to change how locations are displayed

Posted by suleika in Harrow GB

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I'd quite like the listings to show distance from me, rather than a name of a place. Firstly, I don't know where quite a few areas are, and don't want to have to look each of them up on the map. Secondly, even if I know roughly where somewhere is, I'd find it more helpful just to know how far it is. Obviously the distance has already been calcuated since that is how the list is filtered (within 10, 20, 50 miles etc), so why not show it? Or for the best of both worlds, why not show both? That would improve my local geography too! I'd also like an option to view items less than 5 miles away. I know I can get notification of those in email but to be able to filter on the site would also be useful. Thanks, Gez


daisyt , 7 months, 3 weeks ago

yes i totally agree as it would be helpful to view more stretched areas and too how many miles as most areas are fairly large.