Kelechi Okereke

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Speaking about the new single, Kelechi Okereke says, "There is a history of black entertainers feeling that after they have achieved a certain level of success that they are above discussions of race but that idea is a delusion. As a person of color living in the western world, it does not matter how much wealth one accumulates, race will follow you wherever you go. With "JUNGLE BUNNY" I wanted explore this idea: In a time of such rampant division and public racism, what is the responsibility of the black entertainer?" A bouncy rhythm worked of monotonous, purposely picked guitars ties "Wilderness Bunny" closer to the Bloc Party material than Kelechi's past performance work like the electro-intertwined Trick or Heartbreaker EP. However, it remains alone with a kind of afro-hippie vocal conveyance that is to a great extent talk-rapping until the blustery melody. Kelechi Okereke has been performing live all over the world for years. Potential sponsors for future tours should include many. Two being Sigma Beauty and Reebok brands out of London and New York City.