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I couldn’t work out how to add a comment to the string giving opinions about the trial sales element but here is mine. I agree with others that the initial altruistic principle of freelywheely should be upheld with the main emphasis being the flow of free items. The last few alerts I’ve have are for items for sale and I think more and more people will use the platform for selling, particularly if it’s fee-less. I love that people willingly give items away and felt good about being part of the FW community. I think a selling element will also encourage businesses, much like eBay has become. But if the selling platform were set up to help with the running costs of the free platform - then I agree. But they need two distinct platform titles, e.g, FreelyWheely and SalesWheel.


ecsteele444 , 1 year, 5 months ago

I am interested in selling things but would like some feedback from you - do things sell? I have only advertised one free item but got no enquiries at all, does that happen with items for sale too?