Escaped domestic violence

Posted by gob10021979 in Cox Green GB

All the details

I've just escaped Domestic Violence and have been given a housing association flat in Maidenhead. I'm sleeping on the floor, I have no carpeting, no cooker, no bed, no washing machine nothing. I'm in desperate need of a kingsize bed as well as items above as my children (3 year old girl and 8 year old son) are unable to come stay with me as I can't accommodate their needs (they're up North with their father safe and sound...thank God. I'm really struggling, I lost my father recently and my abuser cleared my account out at the beginning of the month so I'm penniless until I get my next benefit payment. I've always worked and never expected anyone to give me anything for nothing but I find myself in a situation I just never thought would happen to me. The flat is totally bare with concrete floors. I started painting it and I'm trying to stay positive but I feel so alone and I just want to be able to have my children over as I feel like they think I've abandoned them. I've been advised to reach out and ask for help. For the sake of my children I cannot afford pride, I will go to any lengths to ensure their safety and happiness, and so I am literally begging for any help at all. I'm willing to sort out a payment plan for anything I receive and would also like to show my gratitude by offering myself as a volunteer as a way of giving back. This is my friends Facebook account. I can't have my own for safety reasons. Pls call me on 07399286802 I would be so grateful. I don't want to post my name or address on here for obvious reasons but will obviously share my information in private. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for taking the time to read this message. Kind Regards xxx