Posted by booodooo in Ottershaw GB

All the details

Is it me, or do Freelywheely under estimate (every time) the mileage and distance away the item is ? Comments and views please... Thank you.


jsvaughan , 2 months, 1 week ago

Hi from FreelyWheely Admin, Currently we work out distance as a straight line between the two points, and this does cause it to under estimate the real distance involved. It wouldn't be that easy to work out the exact distances (at least, to do it quickly enough) but you're not the first person to spot that it isn't quite right, so I've added a request to investigate typically how far off it is; we could perhaps add a certain percentage on to make it a better approximation. I'll post back here once we've made some progress on it. Thanks for getting in touch Jon Vaughan FreelyWheely Admin

booodooo , 2 months, 1 week ago

Many thanks for the clarity FreelyWheely team, I was blaming the stupid SatNav for getting it wrong... Thanks for that !

amazingly , 1 month, 2 weeks ago

I have the peculiar scenario in that I do not drive a vehicle and do not know anyone who can help me collect anything if I see something either free or for sale, so not sure where this leaves me in regards to collecting larger objects. I have to stipulate this is my responses to adverts and offer to pay for petrol/delivery as couriers are immensley expensive, and rely upon the good will of the people to see if they are willing or happy to deliver - not sure if this is allowed on this site or not, yet there are some good neighbourhood volunteer schemes in Surrey that do help people in my situation, yet currently they are very short of them.