Wrought iron glass topped table and chairs

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Free to a good home. Glass topped wrought iron table and chairs, cushions a bit naff but could easily be recovered. This was handmade by a blacksmith in Norfolk and is meant for indoors but can also be used outdoors as a nice garden set for dining. It has been kept double covered all winter. This must be picked up and due to structural changes to the house, the table can't be brought through the house as it can't make the turn from dining room to hall, so you would need to lift the table down the side entrance and over the gate frame (chairs are fine, they can go down the side entrance). I've really enjoyed using it and the chairs despite being iron are comfortable to sit in. I'm having a clear out and already have a wooden garden set so decided reluctantly these must go.

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habgoodtrevor , 10 months, 4 weeks ago

Is this still available thanks