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I used to collect teddy bears, but over the years was given a lot that didn't fit in with the collections. Due to lack of space, I need to find new homes for all of them. These bears have never been played with; some were on display on shelves, but most have been in plastic bin liners for a long time. I have not had Covid 19, nor has anyone been in my home who does. This is a smoke free house. All the bears are in excellent condition. I had thought about saving the bears to put into a Christmas fete, but just don't have enough space to store them for that long - had also considered that they might be good for prizes in summer fetes, but I don't have transport of my own. If anyone does car boot sales, they might be interested - I don't want anything for them so if you can sell them, it would be pure profit. There are quite a few Giorgio bears, Bear Factory bears and Ty bears among them. I would have thought about putting them on Ebay but bears generally only do really well during December on there. I don't want to send them to the charity shop as most either don't take bears, or, I've been told, sell them as dog toys, and they are far too good for that.


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The request period for this item has ended