Sony TC630 reel to reel 3 head tape Recorder/Amplifier

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This used to double up as the Power Amp for my Mobile Disco 50 years ago happily driving a pair of loud speakers with each containing two 50 watt drivers This Vintage unit is about 50 years old and needs a good service to bring it back to it's former glory. I've lost the mains lead for it which looks like a kettle lead but it's a bit different. the grease has dried up on the moving parts, levers and sliders, so all the selector mechanisms are not making micro switches, moving the idler wheel into the right position and at the right tension/pressure to turn the capstan etc., but basically it needs a complete overhaul but I believe it will be worth it. If you collect it, it's very heavy at over 46 lbs/20.9kilo's. The photo of my Mobile Disco is NOT included it's just there for my own nostalgic reasons, and to show the Sony Tape when it was at it's best over 50 years ago.



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The request period for this item has ended