Single bad base

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We have a single bedbase that we do not need any longer. It has storage underneath. Good condition.

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mandyfrench10 , 1 week ago

Hi. Please have you got a photo of the bed base. Or could you tell me a name or type? Is it a wooden or a divan. Only asking all this as these are the questions my teenager will as.....she has to stop using her loft bed as she keeps virtually knocking herself out where she is too big to be up on it now.....someone will gain a loft bed soon!! Many thanks

naomifletcher1 , 1 week ago

Hello Mandy, this is a divan bed base. Not wooden. And has no headboard or end. Fine for adult or teenager. It is not new but is in good condition. Sliding drawers on one side. IAt the moment the bedbase is in the garage. I will try to get it out and take a photo if you are still interested tomorrow. Please feel free to be in touch, Naomi