Freezer, washer and dryer.

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Older (not sure of the year)full size freezer and full size matching washer dryer. All are clean and work well to the best of our knowledge (just bought the house and already had our own appliances). Free! I also have an older refrigerator/freezer combo, electric stove and washer dryer (all full size)(not pictured). They have been cleaned and appear to work, although we have never used them, but they passed inspection.


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The Request Period For This Item Has Ended

The request period for this item has ended

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tomjerrynetwork , 5 months ago

Where are you located?

jmadlin , 5 months ago

Can you please tell me how wide the washer and the dryer are please. I have a small laundry room and my current old machines are butted up really close to my gas water heater. Thanks...

spoot90 , 5 months ago

Location is Suquamish.

spoot90 , 5 months ago

I believe they are 54 inches wide when placed together, and about 34 inches deep. I will measure to confirm.

patrickperry201 , 5 months ago

Hello my name is Patrick , I’m not sure if I’m doing this correct as I tried to send a message to you early this morning but do you still have the freezer available ? I would be interested to pick that up from you.. That is a freezer correct or a refrigerator /freezer combo. K talk soon

spoot90 , 5 months ago

Hi Patrick. The freezer is available for pickup on Sunday and will need a truck and some help.

patrickperry201 , 5 months ago

Awesome, yes I will be able to get it Sunday , I do have a truck and I will have myself and wife whom is capable

patrickperry201 , 5 months ago

If you could message me the address and time you want it picked up we will be there and thank you Patrick