Mountain bike, Giant Granite, for teenager?

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Hi, This is a quality bike from Giant bought new, by me, from my local cycle shop. I'm giving the bike away because I'm 61 yo now and don't ride it. An ideal bike for an older taller youth or adult. It has many desirable features, such as 26" wheels, alloy wheel rims, V-brakes, quick release wheels and saddle adjustment. There is also an in-frame tool bag.  It has 21 gears that are on indexed shifters and all the running gear is Shimano XT. The condition is very good, there are one or two scratches but no dents, the frame is chromoly. The size is adult small, so would probably suit a tall youth or adult rider. The minimum ground to saddle height is 31" and the frame is 17" from the pedal bearings centre to the top of the frame.  This is the important bit; the item must be collected from the Baildon/Shipley area of Bradford, West Yorkshire.


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The Request Period For This Item Has Ended

The request period for this item has ended

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yuliayan30 , 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Hi, I’m Yulia. I live in Ilkley. It's very kind of you to give someone such a gift. I need a bike to get to work. Can I get this wonderful transport? Thank you anyway!)

noor , 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Hi I sent you a request email about this bike, I want it for my daughter please she is in high school ? Regards