WK 1600 Casio Keyboard

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Musical Information System (Backlit LCD) Shows tone, rhythm, metronome, tempo, beat, keyboard note display, staff note display, chord form/name, 16-channel display, and more. 76 FULL-SIZE KEYS with TOUCH RESPONSE (ON/OFF) LAYER/SPLIT SYNTHESIZER function 10 DIGITAL EFFECTS PATTERN SEQUENCER : chord 1 to 3, bass, drums, 10 patterns, up to 5,800 notes, real-time recording, quantize capability REGISTRATION MEMORY : 20 set-ups ONE TOUCH PRESET : 120 sets MIXER function : 16 channels x 2 SONG SEQUENCER : 6 tracks, 2 songs, up to 4,900 notes, punch in and quantize capabilities PITCH BEND WHEEL, MODULATION WHEEL BASS-REFLEX SPEAKER SYSTEM : 2-way, 4 speakers I couldn't photo the whole thing so did it in parts altho I had two more but there's a limit it seems. You can Google the model to see it better.



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