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Who are Sensitivity Readers and what is their work? Sensitivity readers have a connection to literature, they are readers, bloggers, authors or editors. Their expertise is their own experience in their subject area, such as religion, experiences of racism, gender, sexuality, chronic or mental illness or disability. In addition, they engage with the discourses around their topic and have the expertise. Sensitivity readers, even if they try to represent the opinion of the group, are only individuals who can evaluate the texts differently, just like proofreaders or editors. Sensitivity readers read the entire manuscript and make comments on the choice of words or content. They check the text for discriminatory expressions - especially those hidden as microaggressions - and for prejudicial descriptions or representations. A conversation with sensitivity readers is not sensitivity reading, as there is no guarantee that the information has been sensitively transcribed and authentically embedded. Checking only isolated text excerpts on https://editius.com/ is also insufficient for sensitivity reading. These may be free of microaggressions, but the plot or the fictional novel world may still contain derogatory statements. When Sensitivity Readers find problematic content, they usually ask whether the author intended it that way, whether this view belongs to the character, or whether the language was unintentional. Sensitivity readers do not ban content or expressions, but clarify why they are discriminatory or stigmatising. Depending on the agreement, they suggest alternatives and look https://editius.com/paper-corrector/ for solutions with the author to convey the novel's messages in a different way. However, it is the author's decision and responsibility what to do and how to do it. Since not only individual words or sentences, but also entire plots or imagined worlds can have problematic content, sufficient time should be allowed for a Sensitivity Read. It may happen that an author wants to change details in the world or rewrite whole scenes with https://editius.com/academic-editing/ based on the sensitivity reading; and it would be a pity if there is a lack of time or budget because the publication date has already been set or the editing has already been finished. Don't be afraid to work with Sensitivity Readers already in the process of finding material or in the process of creating the novel. Where can I find Sensitivity Readers? Sensitivity readingWhen looking for test readers or editors, you can specify in your enquiry that personal experience in a particular area is desired; or you can ask directly for sensitivity reading.



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