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WHAT TO LEARN & WHERE TO LEARN FOR NOT UNEMPLOYMENT Having the opportunity to talk to a few HRs from both large and small companies, many of them complained that ‘Students now write in their CV so many great skills, but when asked carefully we realize that they can not do that skill’. So what are the skills employers are looking for from graduate students, and how to learn those skills when school does not teach them? This article will sum up three skills that I personally think students (especially Economics students) should learn, to equip themselves with a better resume, from which not only find good jobs but also good works for children too. More: https://studydaddy.com/ 1) MICROSOFT EXCEL I found Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, are the skills that 99% of CVs has owned. But my real question is when I read here, are you confident that you are ‘good’ Excel like you do for a long time? For example today I asked a student who studies Accounting for 2 sentences: If there are many duplicate names in the 10,000 customer table, which function will I use in Excel to filter? When writing a phone number into Excel, it often loses zero at the beginning, how to overcome this situation? If you are recording yourself with Excel skills in your CV, try answering 2 scenarios on the home page. If you have not answered yet, I encourage you to take a basic Excel course. It is not only good for you to be in finance and accounting, but it is also good for you personally when you do personal finances or you charge for events. I recommend this course Basic Excel, they learn to find that also good, the price is not too high. 2) STUDY PHOTOSHOP (OR ILLUSTRATOR) The kind is basic design education. Not only for who do Marketing or Communications should learn design first, but personally, I should learn also. For what: When I have the basic design capabilities, I can make small photos for myself on Facebook, serving the online sale of very good style (less expensive outsourcing). For example, I learned the design but I am not good at all, however, when I look at a design I can only evaluate it. Not being tricked by the designer. Finally, learning the right design will give you a better perspective on color and composition, which applies to a lot of things in life, such as how to present your CV, how to arrange your furniture. I encourage you to Udemy or Coursera to find the keyword ‘Photoshop’, there are many free classes, or a little fee but also cheap. For example, I found: 3) STUDY SKILLS SEARCH What is ‘job search skill’? Just graduate and then Google to find a sample CV, fill in and then submit is complete, all of them need to learn. If it is easy, then everyone has a job, and no situation many people send emails to tell me that they have sent an email for 30, 40 seats without any feedback. This is also a very sorry for the students. There are a lot of guys with good skills and a lot of experience, but just because of the lack of ‘CV’ skills to match the employer or ‘honest’ in the interview. Lost the opportunity with the job very well. So if you have the time, I encourage you to work for multinational corporations should learn a basic course on how to write CV and answer the basic interview questions to have. Be prepared better, increase the success rate of recruitment for yourself. Read: https://studydaddy.com/math-homework-help



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