Toshiba 36ZP18P 'flat screen' CRT colour TV

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This is a great enthusiast's/collector's retro piece. I bought this set in 2002 for over £1400 (!) in the days when LCD and Plasma TVs were starting to appear, but the quality of CRT screens was often superior to the emerging technologies. Toshiba is renown for producing high quality electronics and this is no exception. It is a fabulous piece of kit with an excellent picture on a virtually flat screen, unique back in the day for a CRT screen, which we used for years without a single fault. It can play PAL, SECAM and NTSC video formats. It has been sitting (wrapped up) in our garage for a few years when I made the move to Plasma and LED TVs. I powered it up today, fed it with a video source and up came the picture perfectly! It comes with stand and 4 surround speakers, as well as the remote and owner's manual of course. The specs shown in the photos detail what this set is capable of. For pick-up only. Note that the TV weighs 75kg so you'll need to bring someone with you who can help move it!



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