Toshiba 36ZP18P 'flat screen' CRT colour TV

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This is a great enthusiast's/collector's retro piece. I bought this in 2002 for over £1400 (!) in the days when LCD TVs were starting to appear but the quality of CRT screens was often superior to the emerging LCD screens. It was a fabulous piece of kit with an excellent picture on a virtually flat screen, unique in those days for CRT screens, which we used for years without a single fault. It can play PAL, SECAM and NTSC video formats. It has been sitting (wrapped up) in our garage for a few years when I made the move to Plasma and LED TVs. I powered it up today, fed it with a video source and up came the picture perfectly! It comes with stand and 4 surround speakers, as well as the remote and owner's manual of course. The specs are in the pictures below. For pick-up only. Note that the TV weighs 75kg so you'll need to bring someone with you who can help move it!



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