Professional Figuretrim 8 Pad Faradic Electronic Massage Unit

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PROFESSIONAL FIGURETRIM 8 PAD FARADIC ELECTRONIC MASSAGE UNIT BY COLNE MEDICAL comes with everything you can see in the pictures, even the two batteries but the batteries are dead now so, you will need two more to work it but it works just fine it's also never been used. It was only ever turned on to test it when I first got it back in 1981 so, it's a bit of a vintage product now but, still works all the same. It wasn't a cheap product even back then it was £185.00 to buy, the receipt is still with it. The item is built in to the briefcase which locks and can be opened by sliding the locks, although i can't find the keys for it now after all it has been many years. This is a really good vintage machine for which, someone will get a lot of use out of. I can only find 1 more exact machine like this for sale online but the seller doesn't even know if it works and is selling it as seen for £45 so, I think it is very reasonable to ask for the price of £50 therefore, for an extra £5 you will get a set that works. It will go pretty fast this item 'Buy it before someone else does'



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