K&K Fermentation Pot, 2.0 Litres

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K&K Fermentation Pot, 2.0 Litres, Form II Including Weight Stone and Lid. Hardly used. Excellent condition. Colour - Brown. With its bulbous shape and its deep water channel, it is ideally suited for fermenting fruit and vegetables of any kind (such as cabbage, pumpkins, cucumbers, carrots, beans, celery, onion, peppers and much more). The K&K fermentation pot is made of stoneware and is therefore insensitive to all natural acids. It can be used as a fermentation pot and as a rum pot. The basic body of the pot is shaped in one piece. The pot fits approx. 1.2 kg of cabbage. •Made of stoneware (high-quality ceramic) with large and deep water channel. •Free of toxic substances such as lead, cadmium and plasticisers. •Includes various recipes (such as Sauerkraut and sour beans). •Stable, food-safe, acid-resistant dishwasher-safe and heat-resistant. Dimensions: Height: 14.5cm / with lid 19cm. Width: approx. 23cm (measured from handle to handle). Diameter of the opening: approx. 11cm. Capacity: 2L. Includes: Lid & Weighted stone both made of stoneware (ceramic) and a small brochure with recipes. Collection preferred, please contact for postage/delivery costs.




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