Comon 3500ma universal dc/dc in-car adapter / converter for notebooks / laptops

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COMON 3500MA UNIVERSAL DC/DC IN-CAR ADAPTER / CONVERTER FOR NOTEBOOKS / LAPTOPS Never lose your laptop session again with this in-car DC power supply. It plus into the 12v socket in your vehicle and can convert the voltage to output 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 22 or 24 volts, to suit the model of appliance you are using. Comes with six adapters to fit most popular laptops and notebooks. ComOn is a series specially made for use for use with Notebook/Laptop computers. MW2172 is a powerful step-up DC/DC Converter for use in your car. It’s maximum output is 3500mA (3.5A). The unit is truly universal since it can convert power from your vehicle to any of the following outputs: 15/16/18/19/20/22/24V DC. Most of the notebook computers on the market can be used with this DC/DC converter. MW2172 has an outstanding design in that the cable can be stored inside the unit. The new design not only permits a neat; organized arrangement of cable, but it's also space saving. Technical Specification: Input Voltage: 12.0-13.8VDC Outut Voltage: 15/16/18/19120/22/24VDC Output Current: 3500mA OUTPUT (NOTEBOOK) PLUGS' INDEX: CODE BRAND (for reference only) NG Compaq/Toshiba/Dell NAA Dell NE HPI IBM/Gateway NH Sharp/Dell NAB Acer NJ Toshiba



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