Combi Nemulila High-low Bed & Chair

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Collection from BR1 4LH Let me know if you have any queries. ..... Reversible seat cushion, machine washable. Step linked reclining Combined unique features with 5 backrest reclining and steps. Keep your baby in a comfortable position such as nursing, eating, etc. 5 adjustable height settings & compact storage. 5 levels + α (storage) height can be adjusted according to the places you use from the high position to the dining table. Stores small when not in use. Weight: 18.5 lbs (8.6 kg) Recliner: 5 levels Reversible Seat Cushion Support swing Tep-linked reclining Recommended for: 0 to 48 months Item in a good condition



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missfunktion1 , 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Hi how much Sonu want for this or is it free as I can't see. I live in Romford but am driving to South end today so can pick up. Thanks