A Man-Made Business Man Who Conquers The Fashion Industry

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When he was 16 years old, he was planning to start his own fashion organization to embrace his passion for the industry. Fashion had been his whole life and obsession. Even his outfit says it all about his determined personality and the hunger for perfection. Darren Yaw Foo Hoe & Associates is where all of his success begins. With a supportive father by his side, he held his promise strong to help his dad and achieve success together. This blog post focuses on how Darren Yaw managed to escape from poverty and pave his way through the top of the fashion industry. Darren Yaw Foo Hoe started to develop an interest in fashion when he was 13 years old. With monetary problems along the way, he had never gotten the chance to wear anything nice as a complete school attire. Therefore, he was determined to find ways to blend in with the other kids at school who were wealthier. “Getting bullied everyday was normal to me as I considered myself the ugliest looking kid at school with my non-complete school attire. I had no choice but to just adapt to the toxic culture surrounding me even when I was just a mere kid at that time. Months passed and I had this crazy idea to turn my school attire to become something more unique and attractive and bold so that people wouldn’t dare to bully me. I have tried a few makeovers and it went down the hole. However, I never gave up until I discovered my own style in clothing,” Darren said. As days passed, the students at the school realized that Darren Yaw Foo Hoe was actually a talented boy with the brains of a fashion creator. He used to combine his clothing with different styles altogether especially when it was raining and the students were in need of a few layers of clothing. He managed to buy new and cheap clothes using the money that his dad gave when he went to the town to sell car perfumes. Everything was normal until the day the school was hosting a private event for motivational speakers. One of the speakers is a well-known designer in Malaysia during that time. The moment she saw Darren in his unique style it changed everything. She quickly got in touch with him to discover more about his ideas on his fashion that was unique yet savage. Moreover, he started to get paid for designing. All the expenses that he got were shared together with his dad as they only had each other. After 2 years of working under the famous designer, he branched out on his own designs which focussed on hippie and freestyle clothing. It took him 5 years to reach the level where people can finally recognize his brand. Darren Yaw Foo How & Associates was created and his father manages their business together. It took him another 3 years after that to become free from the monetary problems that he had before since the beginning. “His style is amazingly free and I am amazed at how he can control all the sides of fashion without having to deal with stress and problems. Well, that explains a lot on why he is recorded to be one of the most creative young fashion designers in Malaysia, ” said fashion critic Jill Baldwin. The statement was spoken by when she was visiting the organization. Although there are ups and downs during his whole journey of building his own brand and foundation, everything seems in place and worth it after a few years. His story has inspired even more people to believe in their ideas to grow more in the future. “Whatever you are thinking of doing in the future, you must always remember to tell everything to your parents because they deserve to know. I did not get the chance to talk to my mother as she walked away from our life in the beginning. My dad has always been my rock since the very beginning. Without him, I can barely survive as a person. He deserves more than just money to me. I dedicate my whole life to make him happy and proud of what I have shaped myself to become now. I hope my story will help to inspire more people in the future,” he said.